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Natural Foods from Your Pantry for Weight Loss

Now a days most of the people are facing the problem of obesity and your weight loss maybe hidden in your pantry . The obesity is increasing rapidly due to improper food habits , lack of sleep and lack of exercise. The main focusing problem that causes disturbance is the abdominal fat. The fat is centered at abdomen and it looks so odd. This is the most embarrassing issue presently making people feel shy. To get rid of abdominal fat you have to keep track of good food that will not contain much calories. Reducing the intake of fatty items will helps you to reduce the excessive fat in abdomen. Today we shall see some of the home remedies that works most effectively to reduce the fat especially gathers at the abdomen.

Natural Foods that works effective on Fat


Lemon will help to reduce the fat secured in abdomen by detoxifying the fats. And also helps to get rid of fatty liver and cut down the fat in the waist. The lemon water also increases the metabolism in body.

How to take: Squeeze one lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and have it before taking breakfast early in the morning. Practice this daily for best results.

Lemon with Black Pepper and Honey

  • Morning just take plain lemon water only.
  • Mix the 4 tsp of lemon , 1 tsp of black pepper powder and 1 tsp of honey in lukewarm water and take this lemon juice after two meals to burn fat most effectively.
  • Keep doing this daily twice without neglecting and see the results.


Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and Fibre. And consists of good fats that is essential to the body. Daily consuming 10 to 20 Almonds will help to increase the metabolism and reduces the statutory fat levels in

Bennett Acupuncture weight loss diet glowing light effect

Bennett Acupuncture weight loss diet

the body. Almonds works perfect for reducing the BMI level in the body and gives good appearance when habituated to consume. Almonds also having some more great benefits, reduces the cholesterol level, helps to cure heart diseases, reduces the blood sugar and fights with metabolic disorders. Excessive consuming of almonds will not make any harm to the body.

Almonds can be consumed in many ways soaking them overnight, roasted almonds , almonds with salads, juices etc.


Beans are most perfect choice of weight reduction. There are so many varieties of beans available in the market. Any of the beans you can use in daily food. The various varieties of beans available are namely White beans , Pink beans,. Red kidney beans , Black beans, Pinto beans , Lentil , Garbanzo beans aka chickpeas.

How to take beans?

Soak the beans in water for almost 6 to 8 hours. After soaking them cook them well in pressure cooker and you can take them with daily lunch or dinner.

In what ways beans can be taken in daily food?

The beans can be used in salad, dips, side dish, baked into muffins, or as main course. You can consume them in breakfast, lunch , dinner and innovate new recipes with beans and have them, to increase the intake of beans.


Cucumber , is the good supplement that can be used to reduce the fat levels in body. Cucumber will have more water levels and it will works magically to reduce the excess fat. Cucumber in other words can be known as nutrition food for women. Women will get the essential nutrition by consuming the cucumber daily.

How to take cucumber?

You can use the cucumber instead of breakfast. Add it to salads, Make any recipe out of it. You can have it as a snack item.

Wholegrain Cereals with Milk

dieting woman waistWholegrain cereals with milk , have this as a breakfast to increase the metabolic rate. It is the great supplement of Vitamin D and Calcium. Wheat ,Barley, Quinoa ,Rye, Triticale , Buckwheat , Oats – You can choose any of these cereals for daily breakfast. You can also include walnuts, almonds, berries, honey, cinnamon, also. You can take the wholegrain cereal breakfast with hot or cool milk of your choice.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, is works more powerful to burn fat around waist. It consists rich protein, which helps to growth of essential hormones to the body. And also increases the metabolic rate. Hence it helps to fight with the fats .

How to take

Mix one table spoon of apple cider vinegar and consume.


Apple are rich in anti-oxidants. And also consists fibre, phytosterol , flavonoids , beta-carotene. All these useful vitamins and minerals in Apple will fights with the fatty acids and helps to reduce the belly fat fast. Don’t over consume apple. But a apple a day keeps you fit and fine. Just take care of it before eating it. Clean it properly. and clean the wax on it before eating it.


Here is the most powerful recipe that works fine on belly fat. Try this to get rid of abdoninal fat.

Mint Chutney

Mint leaves- 2 tbsp , Coriander leaves- 2 tbsp , Curry leaves- 10-12, Chilli powder- 1 tsp, Salt- a pinch of it , Lemon juice- 1-2 tsp – Take all these ingredients and make a fine paste and have it with meal.

Mint Tea

Fresh mint leaves (or dried leaves)- 1 tbsp , Water- 1 cup, Honey (optional)- 1-2 tsp. Take all these ingredients. Keep the mint in lukewarm water and let it for 5 minutes and also add honey to it. Take this Mint honey drink daily 2 times and see the results.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C works more powerful on stored fats. Daily consume the foods that are rich in Vitamin C to reduce the tummy fat. The Rich Vitamin C foods include, Gooseberry (amla) , Oranges , Lemons , Papaya , Red bell peppers , Broccoli , Kale , Strawberries , Kiwi , Cauliflower , Brussels Sprouts , Cabbage , Sweet potatoes , Cantaloupe. These food items will helps you to increase the Vitamin C levels in body as well as metabolic rate also.

All the foods suggested are clinically proven its benefits. Hence habituate to consume them for best results and make necessary changes in your food intake. Replace the fatty foods, saturated foods along with the foods that improves your metabolic rate. The foods suggested in this session also helps to reduce the constipation problem. So it absolutely makes you gain to reduce the tummy fat. Along with consuming the foods that works great against fat, practice exercise and yoga for atleast 30 minutes daily for best and accurate results. By making some time for exercise, walking, swimming, aerobics, jogging, skipping or any other activity will keeps you fit. Motivate yourself to have healthy food and practice daily exercise to get rid of tummy fat. The first and foremost important thing in achieving something is the determination. If you are make yourself strong enough towards becoming thin you can definitely achieve it by fallowing all these tips and consuming the useful foods.

So think about your body as complex machine and fuel is the food.  Where does acupuncture fit in? Acupuncture simply reboots the organs to work at a better rate and higher level of function.  So eat and sleep right.  Moderate exercise regularly (check with doctor) and acupuncture is also important.  Now that is winning combination. Remember before starting any weight loss program, check with your doctor.  Always thinking of you, Dr. S. Bennett

Dr. BennettAbout Dr. Bennett –  Holds both a masters and doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, plus two diplomats. She has completed additional training in functional medicine, herbal medicine, and applied clinical nutrition.  She has been practicing in Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach for over 13 years.  She can be reached at 714-962-5031 and new patients are welcome.



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