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"I am a professional actor/dancer, where the competition for jobs is tough. As I approached being a woman “of a certain age”, I looked for ways to achieve and maintain a youthful appearance. I am scared of plastic surgery and the Botox type treatments. At the suggestion of a friend (whose look I admired), I tried a series of acupuncture face-lifts with Dr. Stefanie Bennett. I wasn’t expecting anything, but I was quite amazed at the improved condition and look of my skin. My face seemed to gain tone and tautness. There was an overall improvement in the texture and smoothness. It was a painless and relaxing experience. I would definitely recommend the acupuncture face-lift as a “secret weapon” to fight the signs of aging! "
Patti V. - New York, NY
"This was my first acupuncture experience ever. Dr. Bennett explained everything that she was going to do in detail so that I would understand what was happening and what might happen during the time I was there. The treatment was so relaxing and refreshing that even though I live really close to her office I had to sit in my car for a few minutes to regroup before driving home. I will be going back and would highly refer her to all my friends and family."
Rick T. - Orange County, CA
"I’m a cancer survivor who was looking for an alternative to chemical means to address insomnia and to help heal an injured shoulder. After going through such an experience, I really didn’t want to ingest anymore medication to cure what was bothering me. I am also completely terrified of needles so this wasn’t an easy search. Dr. Bennett is the answer to my prayers. She makes the entire process easy and comfortable. I recently slept through the night for the first time in 3 years which was simply incredible. I feel so relaxed after the treatment and it lasts for hours. I look forward to each visit because I know that we’re accomplishing more and more time. I am more calm and relaxed than I’ve been in a long time. I cannot speak highly enough of such a talented, caring, compassionate and skilled professional."
"I was fortunate enough to be referred to Stefanie by a friend of mine a few years ago. I had never had acupuncture, but had always been curious about the benefits. Stefanie was not only extremely knowledgeable about acupuncture and herbs, but was very warm and caring. You could tell right away how much she cared for her patients. She is a true healer in every sense of the word; treating the body, mind and spirit of her patients. The acupuncture and herbs she used to treat me greatly helped several issues of mine; including severe back and neck pain causes by a bulged disc, stomach problems caused by gall bladder surgery; as well as aiding in immune system boosting and stress and anxiety reduction. I continue to see Dr. Bennett for tune ups and for any other issues that arise, but I no longer suffer from extreme back and neck pain and stomach issues I once had. I would highly recommend Dr. Stefanie Bennett to anyone. She is the best and I am so thankful for how good she has helped me feel."
Kristen M. - Huntington Beach, CA
"As a friend and colleague of Dr. Bennett, I highly recommend her services as a doctor of Chinese medicine. Dr. Bennett was my first massage therapist at Burke Williams where I had met her. She was just graduating and about to begin her Chinese medical practice. I was new to Orange County and was about to start a new practice in Orange County myself. I was so amazed to find such a talented massage therapist in Orange County, so much so that I decided to work at the same location while building my new life. Dr. Bennett had shared with me so much as a massage therapist and I can honestly say that at that time, her style greatly influenced my methods as a massage therapist. I know how much she must care for her patients. I have personally referred patients to her who prefer to receive treatments by someone local in Hungtington Beach. Dr. Bennett is passionate, skillful, caring and honest. All of these traits make her an exceptional healer in our field and I am so proud to have her as my dear colleague."
Anna D. - Ladera Ranch, CA
"She had been highly recommended by a close friend of mine. The first time I walked in her treatment area, I got an immediate sense of calm. There was soft music playing and delightful fragrances lightly filled the area. I had been treated for acupuncture before, but there was a major communication gap and wasn’t getting the treatment I needed.

In addition, the other office did not have nearly the soothing atmosphere Dr. Bennett’s office has! Dr. Bennett immediately gave me the assurance that she could help me get relief from headaches, head tremor, and neck pain. The room she uses is quiet, with relaxing music in the background. She is extremely knowledgeable and was very familiar with all the issues I have. She also told me why my other treatments had not been effective. For the first time today, I met with Terri, the Physical Therapist Dr. Bennett has on staff. Terri is very thorough and not only explains the exercises, but also tells me why the exercises are important. Terri sat with me, working with me one on one. I have been to other physical therapy facilities, but they were too busy and hectic. To top it all of, one of Dr. Bennettʼs staff gave me a 30-minute back massage. Iʼm already feeling great relief and look forward to each appointment. Type II diabetes is also one of my issues. Ever since Iʼve been seeing Dr. Bennett, my bloodsugar is lower. I can only attribute it to Dr. Bennettʼs help. Dr. Bennett also worked with me regarding payment and insurance billing. She is a very patient, soft spoken lady, and obviously has a heart for helping others reach their goal of a calm, pain-free life. I HIGHLY recommend her!"
Jane H. - Orange County, CA
"Hi Dr. Stefanie, I would like to thank you for helping me to manage a very challenging condition called interstitial cystitis. The weekly acupuncture treatments allow me to relax and balance my nervous system. Your ability to read my body’s organs and know just how to treat me is a blessing as not all acupuncturists have the same talent. I appreciate your kindness and compassion and I am grateful that you are their for your patients. All the Best."
Francina M. - Orange County, CA
"Dr. Bennett brings a unique combination of education, expertise and intuition to her practice.Her passion for helping other is obvious and she has helped over and over again in my quest for better health."
Marcy K.
"Recently I injured my rotator cuff. Stefanie treated me with needles and herbs. The specialized supplments has been a great help! Within a week I was 65% improved. The combinations of treatments has been a very positive link to my wellness."
Sandy S. - Orange County, CA
"At a time in my life where pain from a degenerative back condition left me crippled, Stefanie was the only shining light. From day one she proved this is not just a job for her. It is her passion. Her knowledge of accupuncture, herb’s and cuppings help give me the reprieve I needed prior to surgery and helped me expedite my recovery post surgery. After a failed attempt with another accupuncturist years earlier, I was a skeptic going in this time. She was referred by an excellent massage therapist and because the pain medications I was taking were not working, I was willing to give anything a try. The results from the first session were phenomenal and for a year and a half, she helped me get my life back. I will be forever grateful."
Debbie W. - Orange County, CA
"I was always scared, as I know many of you are, of needles. Well the thought of acupuncture was medieval to me. However, I was more scared of getting a back surgery, so I said, why not, what can I lose. If it didn’t work I could still get back surgery. This was in 2005, I was 42 yrs old, when I first met Dr. Bennett, and I thought to myself, this won’t be so bad, because I was so comfortable with Dr. Bennett’s personality. She has certain way about the way she explained and even diagnosed my problems, which told you that she really knew what she’s’ talking about. She made you very at ease about the whole needle experience. The very first week I already started to feel a lot better, after a whole month of going for treatments 3X a week, the pain was gone. It is now 2008 going into 2009 and I have been free of the debilitating back pain I had since I was in my twenties. My husband, who is also a patient and I, now only see Dr. Bennett for our weekly tune ups, or when we are feeling a little under the weather. She had also introduced us to incredible nutritional products that had also made a difference in our life and our health. We have been blessed to have met Dr. Bennett, and to know her is to love her. She has also been a great and wonderful friend throughout the years, we are happy to include her as part of our family."
Rebecca P. - Orange County, CA
"After a bad car accident with a few broken bones, I went the holistic way of getting my body pain free. First think I did was reach for my agelessxtra, drank that to keep my stress level down. Second, I found a few great massage therapists. Their work included all different typles of body work, cupping, craniosacral and myofascial release, deep tissue work and whatever my body needed at the time. Third, I found a great chiropractor to help with my bones to put me back into alignment. Fourth, I found a great acupuncturist which helped me with circulation, energy and nerve pain. I thank god for the Univera products and the people in my life."
Mary - Orange County, CA
"I have been a Clinical Nutritionist for 40 years and have always worked conjointly with the best Acupuncturists. Dr. Stefanie Bennett is the “best of the best.” She has very discerning diagnostic and clinical skills. The results I have personally received are excellent. Dr Stefanie is also warm and caring and puts everyone at ease while she works her wonders. There are so many conditions that can be ameliorated with good Acupuncture. I am so grateful to have Dr Stefanie to assist my clients and myself in our journey of wellness."
Susan R. - Laguna Woods, CA
" I had been suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD)for some time now. In search for some guidance to assist me through those difficult months I had read that acupuncture was useful in treating SAD and thought I would give it a try. I began looking for an acupuncturist and got treatment. I was happy when I went and even within the first treatment started noticing a difference. But I was most content with Stephanie because she listened very well and explained things so thoroughly that I was getting the assistance that I needed through what originally would be a troubling time period. I found peace and serenity within instead of the normal dark days filled with depression. I encourage all to at least give it a try no matter what your needs may be because otherwise I could have deprived myself from such a wonderful experience. Who would have known it would have come from some acupuncture treatments? It’s great."
Yvonne T. - Orange County, CA

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