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What’s in Your Vitamins?


Isn’t that what our mothers told us to do? So how do you feel when you take your vitamins…..GOOD?

When you take your vitamins, do you:

  • Crave less sugar?
  • Feel AMAZING all day?
  • Notice a reduction in creaking, popping, and grinding in your joints?

If you answered “NO” to any of these, it’s time to re-evaluate what you are taking and what is in your daily supplements because you should say “YES” to all these questions!

For vitamins to get from a laboratory to a jar on the shelf, require being “bound” with something to make all the ingredients stick together. The most common binding agent is petroleum. Unfortunately, since our body works hard to digest and process petroleum, we rarely get the actual contents of the vitamins.

For quality vitamins that will make you feel the way you should (without petroleum!), vitamins that will give you higher energy, keep you from having sugar or carb cravings, and reduce pain, contact BENNETT ACUPUNCTURE 714-962-5031.

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