Acupuncture near me


Why and How Acupuncture?

Acupuncture, the two-thousand-year-old practice is built upon a theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It supposes that energy, or chi, flows through the body along an interstate-like system of pathways, called meridians. Pain, tension, and other physical, chemical, or emotional stressors act like roadblocks, causing traffic jams along these internal highways.  Dr. Bennett and other trained acupuncturists aim to release these blockages. Using thin, stainless steel needles into meridian points. This alerts the body to the problem area and helps it to restore a natural flow of energy. Most people who get acupuncture don’t describe the needles as painful, but rather “heavy,” “electric,” “warm,” or “tingly.” And some modern research has backed up the health benefits, which range from treating headaches to alleviating muscular pain and tension, to fighting insomnia and on.

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