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Disilke Needles These 5 Workout Benefits Of Acupuncture Change Your Mind

I am afraid of needles. I can hardly even be near them. So when one of my fellow yoga instructors suggested I try acupuncture, because of its myriad of fitness-related benefits, I was ready to crumble in anxiety and fear. But after a bit of research, I realized there are tons of benefits associated with acupuncture, especially when it comes to a fitness lifestyle.

Vey common conditions acupuncture help are vast.

While there’s a lot to gain from trying out acupuncture, it’s important to remember not to squeeze in a sweat sesh your treatment. Even though you might experience a burst of energy after getting acupuncture (one of the endurance-related benefits), it’s essential to let your body rest and not act on that initial boost.

However, after taking some time to relax, you’ll be able to hit the weight room and reap all the many advantages of this ancient treatment.

Do not dislike needles –  Here are five ways acupuncture will compliment your  workouts.

And for all you needle haters out there: If I can do it, you can do it, too.

1. Decreased Muscle And Joint Pain

The next time you’re tempted to pop an Advil to ease muscle fatigue, remember that acupuncture really gets to the root of the pain, while NSAIDs simply act as more of a band-aid.

The needles that are inserted into your body during the treatment create a very small injury, which your body quickly heals.Then, your body begins toheal all of the potentially inflamed surrounding tissues,including muscles, nerves, skin, fascia, and connective tissues.

So, if you’re suffering froman injury after going too hard during your HIIT circuit? Acupuncture can help by regulating nerve conduction in the inflamed area and speeding up your healing process.

Sports injuires helped with modern acuouncture.

2. Improved Blood Flow

While you’re letting some stranger stick you with needles, know that it’s doing awesome things for your bod.Acupuncture pricks create an increase of nitric oxide in your body, thus causing blood vessels to relax and arteries to open.

After the treatment, you’ll have more blood flowing to your heart and vital organs, as well as better circulation overall.

3. Injury Prevention

You already know that that investing in some acupuncturewill help with healing muscle damage, but get this: It also exercise injuries,too. And you know there’s nothing that halts your gym grind more than a pesky pulled muscle.

Investing in acupuncture will prevent injuries by creating aneurological and cardiovascular balance, which supportsa natural homeostasis in your body.

4. Enhanced Energy And Endurance

Though you shouldn’t exercise immediately after acupuncture, after resting up a bit, you’ll continue to feel the energy and endurance from the treatmentas you grind through your sweat sesh.

The holistic treatment regulatesyour nervous system, which helps to improve overall endurance.

So, you know, you can slay even during SoulCycle.

5. Speedier Recovery Time

Pre-workout acupuncture is a no-no, but a post-workout treatment might just be the restful recovery your body craves.

Scheduling regulartreatments in between workouts(or after a race, for all you runners out there) minimizes muscle fatigue and pain, and lets your muscles recover at lightning speed.

Acupuncture can also allow you to sleep deeper and more restfully, which lets muscle tissues rebuild in a more effective way.

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Why and How Acupuncture?

Acupuncture, the two-thousand-year-old practice is built upon a theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It supposes that energy, or chi, flows through the body along an interstate-like system of pathways, called meridians. Pain, tension, and other physical, chemical, or emotional stressors act like roadblocks, causing traffic jams along these internal highways.  Dr. Bennett and other trained acupuncturists aim to release these blockages. Using thin, stainless steel needles into meridian points. This alerts the body to the problem area and helps it to restore a natural flow of energy. Most people who get acupuncture don’t describe the needles as painful, but rather “heavy,” “electric,” “warm,” or “tingly.” And some modern research has backed up the health benefits, which range from treating headaches to alleviating muscular pain and tension, to fighting insomnia and on.

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