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Hypothyroidism Disorders and Dysregulated Immune Systems

How do thyroid disorders develop from a dysregulated immune system? How can you treat this?

Most thyroid disorders develop from a dysregulated immune system. Some research shows that 90% of thyroid conditions are autoimmune, so we must understand why your immune system is attacking your thyroid. We do this by advanced functional medicine lab testing. Not having a healthy thyroid means reducing the underlying inflammation, a challenge. In my nearly 15 years in practice, I can tell you it’s difficult to tell a patient not to eat this and eat more of it instead. Or take this supplement and don’t take that because it will vary from person to person. That’s why we do the laboratory testing. In the end, it’s about uncovering the reasons for their thyroid issues beyond just immune dysregulation and then correcting the failure mechanisms and imbalances.

Common symptoms of hypothyroidism

Increased weight, fatigue, and hair loss are the body’s way of saying something may be wrong with the thyroid. A thyroid condition can lead to chronic and debilitating symptoms if left untreated.

Because we’re committed to helping the local community, we’re offering a free consultation. This is usually valued at $97. We have helped many people with thyroid symptoms using safe, natural, and NON-SURGICAL methods.

We combine Chinese medicine with advanced labs and functional medicine. This combination is extremely profound on the thyroid. – Dr Bennett

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