Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine or Functional Nutrition as an Integrative Treatment Gives Patients Hope When Traditional Western Medicine Just Isn’t Enough

Functional medicine is one of the fastest-growing trends in modern medicine.  If your hope is fading due to persistent symptoms of a complex, chronic condition such as stress, depression, fatigue, allergies, and weight loss/gain or you are experiencing troubles stemming from digestive, cardiac, hormonal, autoimmune, metabolic and neurological problems even after trying various medical treatments, it is time to consider an alternative treatment—functional medicine, with Dr. Stefanie Bennett and Dr. David Bennett.

Functional medicine  can provide you with a treatment plan that not only lessens your symptoms, resolves your condition, and heals your body, but also prevents the progression and development of disease.

What is Functional Medicine?


Functional medicine consists of modern medical techniques accompanied by holistic and often alternative medicine. Although relatively unknown by the public, functional medicine’s popularity continues to increase due to the attention garnered from leading medical physicians such as Dr. Oz, Dr. Frank Lipman and Dr. Mark Hyman who assert the alternative treatment to be the future of Well Care vs. Sick Care.


Today’s Western medicine focuses on alleviating a select group of symptoms using industry standard medical procedures and condition-specific drugs. On the other hand, functional medicine practitioners delve into a patient’s history of illnesses, genetic indicators, dietary, environmental, state-of-the-art laboratory work ups and lifestyle to seek out the core components that could lead to a chronic condition in the first place.

Because symptoms come about when a portion of the body’s functions diminishes, functional medicine works to treat the individual as a whole—promoting overall healing and vitality. Rather than singling out an illness based on present symptoms, functional medicine’s approach provides patients with remedies specific to their individual circumstances and medical history.


At Bennett Acupuncture and Functional Medicine—one of the only functional medicine clinics in the nation—we use a combination of the following treatment modalities to speed up the healing process and maintain better health.

Herbal medicine, produced from plant parts, have proven medicinal value for over 5000 years. They can be thought of as the body’s “Miracle-Gro.”

Acupuncture stimulates your body’s healing energy. When an energy channel in your body becomes blocked, imbalance occurs. Acupuncture works to restore this balance, energize cells and tissues, and rebalance our natural circadian rhythm to promote health and healing.

Functional medicine gives the body the building blocks and raw materials to repair itself. Functional medicine works to improve organ function through lab testing, science based supplements, nutrients, specified diets and lifestyle changes.

This integrative program creates balance and harmony between the body, mind, energy and spirits for overall well-being. These components and their structure make up what we aptly named “The Bennett Method” after its creators Dr. Stefanie Bennett, LAc, PhD and Dr. David Bennett, DC.

Dr. Stefanie Bennett, of Bennett Acupuncture And Functional Medicine, is a licensed acupuncturist with a master’s degree in acupuncture, Oriental medicine and Herbology. Working along side her husband Dr. David Bennett, DC.—a practitioner of functional medicine, nutrition, and chiropractic sports medicine—the pair have a combined 33 years of experience in the healthcare field.

Aside from Dr. David Bennett’s role in functional medicine, Dr. Bennett held the prestigious position of healthcare advisor to 24 Hour Fitness for over 10 years, and is presently the Deputy CEO of 36 medical provider groups in Costa Mesa and Riverside, California. His diverse experience and vast knowledge of the industry serves as a great asset to Bennett Acupuncture And Functional Medicine and is an immense benefit to our patients.

At Bennett Acupuncture And Functional Medicine, our top priority is helping you—our patient—feel better and to ensure you are provided with the proper care based on your first visit’s assessment. When you first come in to our clinic, Dr. Stefanie Bennett and Dr. David Bennett will perform an Oriental medicine evaluation.

Your doctor will begin by asking you a series of questions to get a good understanding of your medical history. They will use this information to find clues as to how your body may be functioning and why your problems developed. The next step, in our combination, we be to recommend the most appropriate functional lab testing should you require any.

This combination of traditional Chinese medicine and functional medicine will produce a thorough study of your body as a whole and will provide a story to base your treatment on—should it be necessary.

Functional medicine is a patient-centered approach involving you and your doctor working together as a team to proactively create a treatment plan to improve those underlying factors and ultimately improve your health, well-being, and vitality.

Every plan is created specifically around your goals and aims to be respectful of and responsive to your individual preferences, needs, and values even if they include Western medical treatments.

Although labeled as an “alternative” medicine, Dr. Stefanie Bennett stresses functional medicine should not be a substitute for medical care. Instead, functional medicine—hence why it is also referred to as “integrative” medicine—and Western medicine should be used in combination and supplementary to each other to treat your condition.

Dr. Stefanie Bennett has over a decade of experience working in conjunction with internal medicine MDs and co-managing care with medical providers. She will work personally with your family care doctor or specialist to provide a treatment plan that compliments your existing medical care.

If you or somebody you know is suffering from a chronic condition and are ready to try an alternative method of treatment, call our office today at (714) 962-5031 and schedule your FREE consultation, or you can book online at {Insert Link}

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