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Functional Medicine Questions Answered by Dr. Bennett

How is functional medicine different from what MDs provide?

Functional medicine is a science-based system and approach looking at the fundamental underlying causes of clinical symptoms. I am not looking for what is wrong with this person, but why this person has an issue. Functional medicine should not be labeled as alternative medicine or medicine; it’s not either. It is system biology and deals with how different influences can impact a person’s health. When I understand the causes of the conditions versus just the diagnosis of the disease itself, I can have expanded options on treating underlying imbalances and mechanisms that lead to infection—knocking legs right from underneath the condition.

Are the patient’s symptoms vital to you?

Yes. So many other practitioners are looking at where the symptoms are coming from and what they can do to treat those symptoms with medications and surgeries quickly. I’m much more interested in what happened and what created that problem to begin with. For many patients, this is when the light bulb comes on! They can appreciate the idea that I’m looking at them as individuals.

Is your approach based on the same methods that medical doctors use to diagnose?

Yes, I incorporate that information for 10+ years of experience working alongside internal medicine doctors within a medical group. I learned the importance of co-managing your care with your MD through this practice. Keeping an open dialogue with your primary care provider or your specialist is the best way to ensure you receive the treatment that best benefits you. Internists, pain management specialists, neurologists, Gastroenterology, and other MDs regularly refer their patients.

Is acupuncture part of your protocol with functional medicine?

Every case is different. Acupuncture can boost the response to functional medicine care. Acupuncture treatments often save the patient money with quicker results and more significant results. Not many know that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) boasts the oldest medical text globally, and many consider TCM the foundation of functional medicine.

What is meant by the cause approach?

We are looking at how the body works in systems versus focusing on diseases. We are looking at genetics, toxicology, nutrition, trauma, and using advanced lab testings of body functions, mechanisms, and balances between systems for the whole big picture. Then we can identify the root cause. Hence, this gives us a system biology map that we can work with.

Does this approach work on chronic conditions?

I work with patients in a very systematic way when they’ve got a chronic problem. We will unravel the root cause of that problem and then address those underlying causes. I will give them the roadmap to why they have a health problem and devise a plan to handle it. Our patients actively participate, look, and feel better. Love it. Functional medicine is here.

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