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New Patient Online Offer** – Should the person receiving the New Patient Online Offer  as outlined in content be accepted as a patient of Bennett Acupuncture, Inc. then additional charges for services and treatment will be incurred in individual cases as needed for related services. Some persons may need labs, diagnostics or imaging depending on their individual case. Some patients are not allowed to receive reduced fee services. So this offer does not apply to those receiving Medicare, Medicaid or some Federal insurance programs. This offer also does Not apply to Personal Injury cases or Workers Comp cases. For all services, results vary in individual cases.

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Content provided as described above including but not limited to answers to specific questions asked by you about your specific medical condition(s), screening you individually, touching, palpating or even examining your spine or body DOES NOT create a acupuncturist-patient relationship between you and any of the doctors employed by or affiliated with Bennett Acupuncture Inc..  An acupuncturist -patient relationship with one of the Bennett Acupuncture acupuncturist is ONLY achieved by a “prospective patient” filling out and signing appropriate clinic paperwork and forms including but not limited to intake forms, HIPPA forms, informed consent forms, and other forms as required by the clinic and the individual acupuncturist and then that “prospective patient” meeting with the acupuncturist face to face at the office of that acupuncturist or at a hospital where the acupuncturist has privileges and that “prospective patient” being accepted as a “patient” by that individual Bennett Acupuncturist.  The acceptance of which must be in writing in the chart as well as verbally to the “prospective patient” by the acupuncturist of Bennett Acupuncture, Inc.

The Bennett Acupuncture acupuncturist appear on live TV.  They are acupuncturist and not TV professionals. They give their “best efforts” and try hard to provide accurate and truthful information, Content without errors or omissions.  Live TV is inherently fraught with mistakes and mis-statements.  Live TV has three basic problems. First is the time constraint of live TV. With live TV, there is not enough time to go into details and specifics about Content.  Secondly, with live TV the Bennett Acupuncture acupuncturist appear are asked by the station to speak in “people speak” instead of technical chiropractic or medical terms that the average viewer or listener may not understand.  Bennett Acupuncture acupuncturist appear give their “best effort” to accurately report and discuss all topics and render information and opinions as Content.  Third, live TV waits for no man, meaning the doctor is often put on the spot having to come up with something to say. Again, the Bennett Acupuncture acupuncturist appear use their best efforts to provide accurate Content.  In giving their “best effort” and speaking in people speak, and being put on the spot, often mistakes are made including but not limited to mis-statements, errors, omissions, malapropism, slip of the tongue mis-information, hereafter know as Mal-Content.  We apology in advance for those mistakes.  Dr. Bennett nor it’s acupuncturist appear individually or collectively shall be held liable for any Mal-Content including but not limited to mis-statements, errors, omissions, malapropism, slip of the tongue, inaccuracies or delays or for any actions taken in consequence as we make no warranties implied or stated as to the correctness of content. .

All persons receiving any Content or viewing or listening to broadcast of Content, or talking to a Bennett Acupuncture acupuncturist appear in person receiving Content, are duty bound by the following:  Should you have issue with Content then You, as Claimant, must first notify Bennett Acupuncture, Inc., by certified mail at 8267 Brookhurst St, Suite 507, Fountain Valley, Ca 92708 of any mis-statements in Content or Mal-Content. Your making a claim of mis-statement, omission or Mal-content constitutes an agreement by and between you the Claimant and Bennett Acupuncture, Inc., Bennett, their acupuncturist, providers and employees hereafter known as Bennett.  Then, Bennett has 20 business days to respond to you in writing by certified mail at the address stated on your complaint of our response to your claim of mis-statement, omissions or Mal-Content.  Should we agree that the mis-statement, omission or mal-Content needs correcting, then our remedy is within 30 days of our written response to you for the Bennett Acupuncturist to retract and correct the mis-statement, omission or Mal-Content either on the air, OR on our website.  Should the mis-statement of Content, Omission or Mal-Content be retracted and restated correctly or the corrected Content statement be published on our website for 30 days, then NO other remedies may be sought after and your retraction by Bennett or publishing corrected Content on our website shall constitute good consideration for the General Release as stated below by and between you and Bennett.

No representation is made by Bennett or the Content therein or otherwise that the quality of the Acupuncture services to be performed is greater than the quality of Acupuncture services performed by other Acupuncturist. Results vary case to case and no guarantee or warranty of outcome is made. Charges vary based on services rendered. Additional charges may be incurred for related services which may be required in individual cases. Some persons with certain insurance cannot receive free services.  If that is YOUR case, then YOU are responsible to inform the Bennett Acupuncturist in writing, prior to receipt of services, that YOU cannot receive free services. Should you receive free services without informing our doctor in writing then YOU are responsible for the outcome and indemnify and hold Bennett and the Bennett Acupuncturist harmless.

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