Best Acupuncturists Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach Dr. Stefanie Bennett

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Leave Your Neck Or Shoulder Pain Behind

Acupuncture treatments with Dr. Bennett work effectively to reduce the pain and inflammation of the shoulder or neck by increasing the blood circulation to specific body areas. This increase in blood flow promotes healing of the injury, and it is also known to increase range of motion, accelerate healing time and boost physical therapy.

From injury prevention to treating acute pain, swelling, and spasms, to even addressing conditions that make patients vulnerable to re-injury, acupuncture can benefit all types of musculoskeletal injuries, including neck and shoulders, at any stage.

“My son incurred a very serious neck injury with unimaginable pain. We sought general doctors, prescription medications, chiropractic but he was still not getting better and was getting worse. As a last resort, we turned to acupuncture; after the first treatment with Dr. Bennett, we saw definite improvement and stopped the medications. After the second treatment, the results were miraculous. This was definitely the course to take and should have been our first course of treatment. Also, my son is needle-phobic, so just the thought of acupuncture was creating great anxiety on top of the excruciating pain, but Dr. Bennett did such an incredible job that my son couldn’t wait for the next treatment. Her wisdom, patience, and exceptional skills make her the best. This is the way to go.” – Pamela M., Huntington Beach, CA


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