Best Acupuncturists Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach Dr. Stefanie Bennett

Lower Back Pain & Disk Bulges

Unfortunately, the lower back is the most unstable part of the spine, making it more susceptible to injury and pain. Sprained ligaments, ruptured disks, strained muscles, poor posture, stress, and obesity can cause pain in your lower back.

Muscle relaxants, pain killers, etc., only treat the symptoms of your problems, while acupuncture Dr. Bennett focuses on the problem itself. 

Spine problems, such as bulging discs,  can affect us at any age. Still, older populations and those involved in strenuous physical activity for long periods are more prone to developing it.

Acupuncture for bulging discs is one of the best treatments you can undergo, which is entirely safe, painless, and efficient when performed by Dr. Bennett. Or a simple back strain, Dr. Bennett is here for you.


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