Best Acupuncturists Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach Dr. Stefanie Bennett


Why Take Probiotics

Did you know that your digestive tract is full of trillions of bacteria? We often associate bacteria negatively with disease and illness when we think ...
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Can Sleep Cause Weight Gain?

Here Are 7 Mistakes You May Be Making While You Snooze Most weight-conscious individuals understand how a poor diet or a sedentary lifestyle can cause ...
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Four Things You Need to Know When Picking a Fertility Acupuncturist

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 10.9% of all reproductive-aged women and 6% of married women of the same age cannot conceive after one ...
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Dislike Needles? These 5 Workout Benefits of Acupuncture May Change Your Mind

I am afraid of needles. I can hardly even be near them. So when one of my fellow yoga instructors suggested I try acupuncture because ...
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Hypothyroidism Disorders and Dysregulated Immune Systems

How do thyroid disorders develop from a dysregulated immune system? How can you treat this? Most thyroid disorders develop from a dysregulated immune system. Some ...
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Functional Medicine Questions Answered by Dr. Bennett

How is functional medicine different from what MDs provide? Functional medicine is a science-based system and approach looking at the fundamental underlying causes of clinical ...
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