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Four Things You Need to Know When Picking a Fertility Acupuncturist

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 10.9% of all reproductive aged women and 6% of married women of the same age are unable to conceive after one year of trying. Many couples struggling with infertility have found success in fertility acupuncture. Often times, this success has come without the use of medical assisted reproductive techniques (ART). However, when combined with techniques such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), practitioners have seen a dramatic increase in the ability for couples to become pregnant. If this is the route you choose to take, know that not all acupuncturists are the same. Let’s take a look at four criteria to research before scheduling an appointment with a fertility acupuncturist.


When visiting any type of practitioner, experience is key. To ensure you choose the best acupuncturist for fertility treatments, look for an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility acupuncture. A focus in this area normally means the acupuncturist has thousands of hours of experience under his or her belt.

Dr. Bennett takes experience to the next level as she herself is not only a fertility acupuncture specialist, but Dr. Bennett is also a successful IVF patient. In fact, through the use of highly effective fertility acupuncture and the help of an excellent fertility MD specialist, Dr. Bennett was able to conceive not once but twice. Dr. Bennett’s personal journey combined with her many years of educational and clinical fertility experience sets her apart from other fertility acupuncturists. She understands your journey, as she too almost lost hope, but it happened for her and it can happen for you.

Fertility Integrative Medicine

Does the fertility acupuncturist also practice fertility integrative medicine? When a patient feels his or her traditional medical doctor is not properly diagnosing a concern or providing the right treatment, the patient often begins searching for an alternative medicine practitioner. However, a traditional medical doctor should not be written off completely. Instead, the patient should look for an integrative alternative medicine practitioner who views health both traditionally and holistically. These practitioners are considered “integrative” because they work closely with traditional medical doctors to co-manage the patient’s care. When you seek treatment from an integrative alternative practitioner, you won’t feel forced to choose between traditional and holistic medicine. Instead, you may find adding non-allopathic fertility medicine to your ART produces the best results.

Dr. Bennett worked side-by-side daily with MDs from an internal medicine clinic for the first 10 years of practicing acupuncture. She continues to receive many referrals from board certified reproductive medical specialists, and pain management, internal, and family physicians. Dr. Bennett also receives referrals from multiple other providers who see the benefits of acupuncture and functional medicine and believe co-management is critical to providing fertility patients with the best care possible.

Fertility Knowledge

Once you have found an acupuncturist with both training and experience, it is important to test the waters. Interview your practitioner and ask detailed questions to determine his or her level of knowledge of fertility treatments. Be ready to discuss the fertility treatments you are currently receiving and any methods you have tried in the past. When you feel like the practitioner has a firm understanding of your unique situation, ask him or her how they are able to help you. He or she should be able to clearly explain several ideas and options that pertain specifically to you.     

Acupuncturist Knows When to Refer to MD

A good acupuncturist understands that not all conditions, such as infertility, are best treated with alternative medicine. Some conditions such as fibroid tumors and fallopian tube blockages should be referred out to Western doctors and acupuncture should only be used for assisted healing.

Regardless of your medical concerns, your fertility acupuncture practitioner should collect information regarding all of your medical conditions, your symptoms and any prescription medicine or supplements you are taking. When you become a patient of Dr. Bennett’s, she will conduct a thorough intake in order to provide care catered specifically to you. Dr. Bennett will co-manage your care with your MD’s and if you have one, your reproductive MD. She believes keeping an open dialogue with your medical providers or your medical reproductive specialist is the best way to ensure you receive the treatment that best benefits you. Dr. Bennett will handle all of your case management needs and make calls to your doctor(s) with updates. Dr. Bennett is what we refer to the “doctor’s doctor,” treating many local MD’s, their families and their patients.

When it comes to starting a family, fertility acupuncture is a highly successful treatment option for many couples when used alone or in conjunction with infertility treatments such as medical Assisted Reproductive techniques and protocols. To receive the best outcome, it is imperative to choose the right fertility acupuncturist for you.

If you have any questions or you are ready to schedule a consultation, please call Dr. Bennett at 714-962-5031.

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Disilke Needles These 5 Workout Benefits Of Acupuncture Change Your Mind

I am afraid of needles. I can hardly even be near them. So when one of my fellow yoga instructors suggested I try acupuncture, because of its myriad of fitness-related benefits, I was ready to crumble in anxiety and fear. But after a bit of research, I realized there are tons of benefits associated with acupuncture, especially when it comes to a fitness lifestyle.

Vey common conditions acupuncture help are vast.

While there’s a lot to gain from trying out acupuncture, it’s important to remember not to squeeze in a sweat sesh your treatment. Even though you might experience a burst of energy after getting acupuncture (one of the endurance-related benefits), it’s essential to let your body rest and not act on that initial boost.

However, after taking some time to relax, you’ll be able to hit the weight room and reap all the many advantages of this ancient treatment.

Do not dislike needles –  Here are five ways acupuncture will compliment your  workouts.

And for all you needle haters out there: If I can do it, you can do it, too.

1. Decreased Muscle And Joint Pain

The next time you’re tempted to pop an Advil to ease muscle fatigue, remember that acupuncture really gets to the root of the pain, while NSAIDs simply act as more of a band-aid.

The needles that are inserted into your body during the treatment create a very small injury, which your body quickly heals.Then, your body begins toheal all of the potentially inflamed surrounding tissues,including muscles, nerves, skin, fascia, and connective tissues.

So, if you’re suffering froman injury after going too hard during your HIIT circuit? Acupuncture can help by regulating nerve conduction in the inflamed area and speeding up your healing process.

Sports injuires helped with modern acuouncture.

2. Improved Blood Flow

While you’re letting some stranger stick you with needles, know that it’s doing awesome things for your bod.Acupuncture pricks create an increase of nitric oxide in your body, thus causing blood vessels to relax and arteries to open.

After the treatment, you’ll have more blood flowing to your heart and vital organs, as well as better circulation overall.

3. Injury Prevention

You already know that that investing in some acupuncturewill help with healing muscle damage, but get this: It also exercise injuries,too. And you know there’s nothing that halts your gym grind more than a pesky pulled muscle.

Investing in acupuncture will prevent injuries by creating aneurological and cardiovascular balance, which supportsa natural homeostasis in your body.

4. Enhanced Energy And Endurance

Though you shouldn’t exercise immediately after acupuncture, after resting up a bit, you’ll continue to feel the energy and endurance from the treatmentas you grind through your sweat sesh.

The holistic treatment regulatesyour nervous system, which helps to improve overall endurance.

So, you know, you can slay even during SoulCycle.

5. Speedier Recovery Time

Pre-workout acupuncture is a no-no, but a post-workout treatment might just be the restful recovery your body craves.

Scheduling regulartreatments in between workouts(or after a race, for all you runners out there) minimizes muscle fatigue and pain, and lets your muscles recover at lightning speed.

Acupuncture can also allow you to sleep deeper and more restfully, which lets muscle tissues rebuild in a more effective way.

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