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Best Sources – Organic Meats in OC

Organic meats are here in our backyard.


Organic meats are easier to find in Orange County than you think. But people and patients ask me why I am not a vegetarian. This is because our body has adapted to eating meat genetically, and it is not a substitute for vegetables and fruits but is overall critical for our health. That being said, getting high-quality meats is quite a challenge, let alone organic.

You can purchase nearly anything online in 2015: underwear, cars, virtual assistants, penguin costumes for Halloween—even diapers. The digital beef bazaar is an option-rich environment from traditional mail-order companies like Omaha steaks farm-direct sellers like Crystal River meats. Beef is no exception, but harder to find is REAL ORGANIC MEATS.

Since there’s nothing like coming home to filet mignon or wild-caught salmon after a long day at the office, we’ve graciously rounded up my choices of the best places to get steak and seafood. So you can taste and feel the difference.

Soco local Saturday farmers market in Costa Mesa. Da-le-ranch of Lake Elsinore. Mention Dr. Bennett, and they may have an extra surprise for you. I usually order my meat online or via text message, so it’s packed up and waiting for me.

Click here for meats2U. They are known for their ahi, but the wild-caught salmon is insane. It is a local Huntington Beach company, and supporting local businesses is fantastic. I asked him to do something special for my patients, just mention me.

A great source of lean, easy-to-digest protein is buffalo meat. It has lots of flavor, is low in fat, and is high in protein. Buffalo meat is an ideal substitute. Buffalo meat is lower in calories and cholesterol than beef, pork, turkey, skinless chicken, and even many fish! Bison tastes similar to high-quality meat; it stands out for being slightly sweeter and more nutritionally dense than other types of red meat. Visit, try their chorizo seasoning buffalo – it’s crazy good.

Visit our Facebook page for great videos on processed foods and GMOs. Remember, rest, relax and heal – Dr. Bennett.

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