Coronavirus and your defense

I have remained relatively quiet over the last few weeks about the Coronavirus COVID-19 as the outbreak and its ramifications have been developing. However, it’s time to share some information.

We don’t know yet how this medical scenario will play out. Alas, the best we can do is arm ourselves with knowledge, take the appropriate action steps to support and protect our immune system, and do our best to avoid mass hysteria.



COVID-19 is NOT the “flu.” Influenza, aka the flu, has been around for a long time and there are vaccines that can help protect us. These vaccines are formulated by a best guess of how the strains will present each season and are limited by this process. This year the flu vaccine is only 45% effective in adults and 55% effective in children, but the vaccine generally lessens the severity for those who come down with the flu.

However, at this time there is NO vaccine for COVID-19. I’m sure, though, that there are probably quite a few pharmaceutical companies working hard to be the first to create one. A vaccine will not be available anytime soon, however, as testing requires time, so we have to do our best without one for now.

Some say, “It’s just like a cold.” It is not really “just a cold,” especially if you are immune-compromised. People who have compromised immune systems have diseases that affect the heart, kidneys, lungs, and liver. They may be cancer patients, those on chemotherapy, or those taking anti-autoimmune drugs.

The elderly are also at risk. How does one define “older”? With each passing year, I am more sensitive to this question, so let’s just say at least 65 years old. Additionally, smokers and those who are obese are at higher risk.

The main route for the spread of this virus is through coughing, sneezing, and talking. The robust viral droplets can land on your skin, clothes, hands, and eyes or be inhaled into your mouth and nose.

The symptoms of COVID-19 can be mild to severe, and, yes, for some they have been fatal. The symptoms are:
– Fever
– Cough (usually dry)
– Shortness of breath
– Fatigue
– Body aches
– Sometimes diarrhea and vomiting
– May result in pneumonia

Reference of symptoms of Coronavirus vs. Influenza vs. Common cold

Coronavirus versus flu

Coronavirus versus flu


  1. BE POLITE AND COURTEOUS.  Stay at home if you are sick. Call your doctor in lieu of traveling to his or her office. Remember, others who are immune-compromised are at serious risk. Be respectful of others, including your doctor. Even if you don’t think you have COVID-19 (you may and not know), if you are sick you should stay at home so you can properly recuperate. Avoid crowded places, for the sake of others if you are sick and for your sake if you are not!
  2. Let’s watch movies that make us laugh to help decrease our stress. Remember, our goal is to support our immune system and one of the greatest action tips for accomplishing that is to decrease stress.
  3. Get some sleep!! In fact, get extra sleep. If you have problems sleeping, consider a natural sleeping aid such as melatonin or valerian root.
  4. Exercise to the best of your ability. If you are just starting an exercise program, don’t take on too much too soon. And if you are an exercise lover, consider taking a break, as to not over burden your immune system; either by lessening your workout intensity or adding in body movement exercises such as yoga, Pilates, Tai-Chi, and/or Qi Gong in lieu of lifting heavy weights every day. Before my weight lifters, Kettlebell lovers (of which I am one) and CrossFit enthusiasts go bonkers on me, I am not asking you to stop lifting. However, if you are feeling tired at the start of your workout, I am suggesting that you lessen the intensity of the workout.
  5. Let’s avoid the handshake for now. bump, or maybe the foot tap. I am good with a head nod as well.
  6. DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE! Just writing this makes me want to touch my face. As I am typing on my keyboard.  I want to scratch my face and rub my eyes. Seriously though, truly do your best to avoid this activity.
  7. Many a restaurant manager has said, “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.” In other words, frequently clean surfaces that are touched, especially those that are touched often. Think about tabletops, keyboards, your computer mouse, computer screens and remote controls.
  8. Sneeze or cough into the crook of your elbow or, better yet, into a tissue and then throw it away. Don’t keep used tissues in your pockets or up your sleeves
  9. WASH your hands with soap and water. Rub vigorously (that’s what counts) for at least 20 seconds. Sing the alphabet; whistle the Sesame Street song — there are all kinds of suggestions for letting us easily determine how long 20 seconds is. Washing with soap and water is the gold standard; use hand sanitizer in situations where you cannot wash. Soap outcompetes disinfectant and alcohol in many cases. This is because the interactions between the virus and the skin surface, and the virus gets detached and falls apart like a house of cards.
  10. Go outside. Schedule outside time, preferably in the sun if the weather is cooperative. Go for a walk in the park and be amongst the trees! Absorb that Vitamin D.
  11. Now is the time to stop eating bad things food. Avoid sugar, refined and processed foods, and alcohol. In fact drinking water in small amounts every 15 minutes, ma cause the virus not to go to lungs, but to divert stomach and stomach acids will kill the virus according to experts.
  12. Home cooking should take on a new meaning. There is no lack of information on how to prepare homemade cooked food. Consider the power of making bone broth as it is immune-supporting and nutrient dense. My kids have a small hot cup bone broth before breakfast. You may be wondering if you should avoid eating at restaurants. My thought is to consider each restaurant on an individual basis, let alone social distancing,
  13. A frequently asked question is the need to purchase hand sanitizer, soap, a mask,, a biohazard suit, and surgeon’s gloves. I am sure you know about the frenzy on the purchase of these items. I wonder how many of these purchases were made just so they can “jack up the price” for resale in the setting of panic. In the case of masks, keep in mind that respirator masks need to be properly fitted. Those who are sick are the ones who need the masks, right grade of mask is also critical. The one I recommend if needed is www.metamasks.com Hand sanitizer is difficult to find right now; however good ole soap and water is great!
  14. Oral hygiene. Yep, indeed. Our mouths are filled with bacteria, good and bad. Our oral microbiome is important to our immune system; therefore don’t forget the importance of flossing and taking care of your teeth and gums. PLEASE wash your hands BEFORE you perform oral hygiene tasks. Doing salt water mouth gargling is a good idea. If in public, sip of water every 15 minutes to wash any airborne pathogens into the gut and not lungs.  Gut acids will kill it according to experts.

What Can I Take To Boost My Immune Response?

A popular question I often receive in the office is “What vitamins and supplements should I take to help support my immune system?” Boost your immunity naturally. It is well documented that acupuncture treatments boost immunity. Also Custom Immunity Support Kit, based on your constitution/medical conditions can be tailored here for you by me.  This may include herbs, co-factors, botanicals, nutraceuticals, probiotics, supplements, but remember, herbs are actually herbal medicine and just like medications there are real interactions that only a trained provider would recommend.  Do not guess, just because someone you know takes it, because of it maybe highly problematic for you and your health conditions.  Do not take the word from someone at the vitamin store.  I recommend a custom Viral Support Kit as a prevention tool. Call me  (714-962-5031).

Here is my current list:

-A Solid multi-vitamin with minerals and fish oil (ask me what I use!)

-Vitamin C (3000 mg)

-Zinc lozenges

-Vitamin D

-Trace Minerals

-Short chain fatty acids

-Herbal throat spray



-Chinese herbs – different ones for different symptoms and concerns with considerations medication and conditions

For more details about some of these, click here.

And if I feel symptoms are brewing, I start on hot water with lemon juice, ginger, and honey.

Get acupuncture now to increases immune response.  Acupuncture time tested and proven to increase body defenses!  It is time for self-care for sure.

Call me with any questions!

Lastly, I eat dark chocolate because I like it and it’s good for you!

Please stay well. Although there was some humor injected into this written piece, I want you to take this event seriously. I don’t want you to panic; I want you to take action.

I am hoping this Coronavirus will lessen by May or June as viral bacteria droplets disintegrate faster in warmer weather (this is when we usually see a decrease in influenza), but we don’t know yet if that will happen.

Arm yourself with knowledge. Keep a sane mind and thought process. Purchase extra items such as canned foods, paper goods, and cleaning supplies when you can.

Consider avoiding the constant barrage of news.





Coronavirus and how I can defend myself and my family better.

If you have watched TV, reports of the contraction by humans of Coronavirus, has us all thinking about our own health and protection.  What can we do a holistic way?  Because of its immune-boosting and general antiviral & anti-bacterial properties, Oil of Oregano has been used by many for general health and prevention tool against viral and bacterial bugs. WIth lingering flu season and Coronvisus, now is as good of a time as any to defend your health by reaping the benefits of Oil of Oregano or our immune-boosting herbal spray.

REMEMBER, If you present with flu-like symptoms, please see your medical providers ASAP.

ALSO, I am getting asked several times a day, how can I boost my immune system against colds, flu, or CORONAVIRUS?-  Acupuncturist, Dr. Bennett

What is Coronavirus?

First, Coronavirus, a cousin of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) which killed almost 650 people across mainland China and Hong Kong in 2002-2003. The outbreak is assumed from a seafood market in Wuhan.

Why is Oregano Be An Antiviral?

Oil of Wild Oregano has scientifically been established as having powerful antiviral properties, effective against non-enveloped and enveloped viruses, like Coronavirus species. You can buy it in most vitamin stores, but instead, I use a doctor only professional-grade supplier with a highly effective strand. And it is cheap!

Another Immune Boosting and Flu Fighting Solution…

Our herbal throat spray is a unique combination of COLD PROCESSED HERBS such as Flu 2marshmallow Root, Echinacea root, Sage herb, Calendula flower, Myrrh resin and essential oil of Clove Bud. It promotes healthy throat tissue and soothes the throat, while supporting oral health and freshens breath. The pray maintains healthy mucosal tissue in the upper respiratory tract and supports the lymphatics and immune system.

My entire family is on both of these products to fight flu. Flu fighting formulas we try to keep in stock, so give us a call so we can put some on the side for you.

These are inexpensive ways to get in front of the flu. Call us to see we still have it in stock, 714-962-5031!

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