After Your Appointment


Following an acupuncture session, whether it is your first treatment or your last, continue with your normal daily routine. It is critical that you maintain your usual schedule, so you can observe any new sensations or feelings that may present themselves post-treatment. Do not begin any new supplements, exercise routines, or food diets unless instructed by your acupuncturist. By all means, if you have any concerns In touch with Dr. Bennett.

The closer you follow your normal routines, the easier it is to observe the affects of your acupuncture treatments. When you carefully observe your body following an acupuncture session, you are doing your part to help your acupuncturist ensure you are receiving the best treatment possible. Reporting to your acupuncturist any improvement, unusual sensations or feelings in general will help the acupuncturist identify how your body is responding to the treatment and if the treatment needs adjusted. Feedback is of the utmost importance! Any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 714-962-5031.