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At Bennett Acupuncture, we take an integrative approach to helping you lead a healthy life full of well-being.


We offer people in Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach acupuncture treatments for chronic pain and arthritis that can decrease pain and restore function. Common medical conditions and complaints can be helped with Acupuncture, and here are a few examples migraines, respiratory complications, digestive problems, fertility, allergies, thyroid are just a few examples. Acupuncture is effective for complex internal conditions and see our section on common conditions we treat.


Dr. Bennett has 10+ years of experience helping people in Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach with acupuncture treatments while working alongside internal medicine doctors within a medical group. Through this practice, Dr. Bennett uses the best of eastern and western medicine as used at the Cleveland Clinic.  She believes in having an open dialogue between your primary care MD or any specialists, adding holistic care to medical treatment.

The Process, quick and painless

Acupuncture is painless and most treatments last 30 minutes.

The First Visit and Treatment

On the initial visit to our Fountain Valley acupuncture treatment center for chronic pain, arthritis and complex chronic conditions, Dr. Bennett will evaluate your condition and tailor a treatment plan with the approximate number of sessions that are right for you. The number of treatments will be determined once we know your case. Needed treatment and type are determined by the latest evidence-based practice data and Dr. Bennett’s 20+ years in practice.

Treatment Course

Each patient's treatment is unique for them. Acupuncture treatments start at typically 2 to 3 times per week until maximum improvement is made. Then to prevent a recurrence, we may recommend maintenance care, commonly less than 1 to 2 times per month.

Absences of Symptoms

Acupuncture often reduces symptoms or the entire absence of symptoms. In complex chronic conditions that have been around for years, patients can even lack symptoms in some incidences.

Common Conditions We Treat With Acupuncture

FAQ's - acupuncture

We are not exaggerating when we say there are hundreds of conditions, disorders and diseases that acupuncture can effectively treat. Unfortunately, due to the fact that all conditions are unique and specific to the individual, there is no clean-cut answer whether your specific condition will benefit from acupuncture treatments. In order to find out if your specific condition is treatable through acupuncture, you will need to have a complete acupuncture exam done by a certified and experienced practitioner. He or she will be able to determine and diagnose the underlying causes of your condition based on your symptoms and unique medical history. The practitioner will then be able to tailor a treatment to the uniqueness of your condition. He or she will also be able to recommend if you would benefit from another alternative treatment such as ATP Resonance BioTherapy™ and Functional Medicine, as well. See list of conditions treatable at our acupuncture treatment center in Fountain Valley serving the greater Huntington Beach area.

Acupuncture is extremely safe. A licensed Acupuncturist uses sterilized needles, which are properly disposed of in accordance with health regulations. Learn more about the setup of an acupuncturist’s treatment room.


Wear loose clothing to allow access to acupuncture points. Have a light meal or snack shortly before your treatment. Acupuncture treatments are relaxing and often leave a patient in a state of peace and calm so you may want to take into consideration your plans before and after your session. Certain treatments, including those used in combination with cupping, may require you to walk around following your treatment so make sure to inquire about any post-session requirements when you call to schedule your appointment.


A licensed acupuncturist must have completed a four-year master’s program, followed by an internship. Dr. Bennett has gone well beyond that by acquiring two diplomats and a Ph.D. in Acupuncture. She has done extensive coursework in Functional Medicine and certification science-based nutrition.


First, let's meet. Dr. Bennett will evaluate your particular needs and determine if you are a candidate for our services. Then Dr. Bennett will customize a unique pain that may include serval services to provide the best comprehensive care for your desired results.


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