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Acupuncture session for Parkinson's relief.

Acupuncture: Transforming Parkinson’s Treatment with Dr. Stefanie Bennett

Parkinson’s disease is a formidable adversary, impacting millions around the world. Traditional treatments often provide limited relief, leaving many patients in search of alternative approaches. With the help of Dr. Stefanie Bennett’s expertise, Bennett Acupuncture serves as a beacon of hope for those suffering from Parkinson’s.

Redefining Parkinson’s Treatment with Acupuncture


Embracing an Unconventional Path

Bennett Acupuncture specializes in addressing the complex and seemingly insurmountable challenges posed by Parkinson’s. For those who have explored various avenues without success, we proudly offer a new perspective. Dr. Stefanie Bennett and her team are known as “The Last Resort With The Best Results” for Parkinson’s patients.


Personalized Parkinson’s Treatment Plans

Tailoring Solutions to Your Unique Journey

Our commitment to your well-being goes beyond conventional treatments. Dr. Bennett and her dedicated staff craft personalized Parkinson’s treatment plans that include acupuncture and ATP Resonance BioTherapy™ protocols explicitly for each patient.


The Art of Alleviating Parkinson’s Symptoms

Uncovering Acupuncture’s Role

Parkinson’s often disrupts balance, coordination, speech, and movement due to its impact on the brain. However, recent clinical research has brought to light the remarkable benefits of acupuncture in providing effective and lasting relief from these symptoms.


The Evidence Speaks Volumes

A Scientific Backing for Acupuncture

A comprehensive study published in the journal “Medicine” meticulously analyzed the clinical effectiveness of acupuncture in managing Parkinson’s disease. This study synthesized the results of nearly 1,000 articles and studies, delivering a resounding verdict. When acupuncture is combined with conventional treatment, it consistently yields favorable results compared to conventional treatment alone for alleviating Parkinson’s symptoms.


Taking the First Step Towards Relief

Your Path to a Better Quality of Life

Whether you’re personally navigating Parkinson’s or advocating for a loved one, Bennett Acupuncture extends a warm invitation to consult with Dr. Stefanie Bennett and her dedicated team. Booking a one-on-one consultation is as simple as calling us at 714-962-5031 or using the convenient form below.



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