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7 Tips For Seeing an Acupuncturist

Want 7 Tips For Seeing an Acupuncturist? Look No Further—Acupuncture Advice For Those New to it.

Often, people who want to feel great turn to acupuncture today. There are more acupuncturists every year, and it has become mainstream. How mainstream? Dr. Bennett of Bennett Acupuncture of Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley has 10+ years of experience working alongside internal medicine doctors within a medical group. Through this clinical setup, Dr. Bennett states that co-managing care with MDs is so very critical. Keeping communications open with your primary care providers or specialist is the best way to ensure everyone receives maximum results. Internists, pain management specialists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, and other MDs regularly refer their patients to Dr. Bennett. If you’ve been considering visiting an acupuncturist for pain, you must know what’s involved. Keep reading because this article will give you that information.

Tip Number 1 – Needles

Prepare yourself to face dealing with needles. You won’t be able to get around this because acupuncture deals with needles usually. They are an integral part of this treatment. Get comfortable with the thought of needles, so you don’t take on extra stress.

Those who are scared of needles can still benefit from acupuncture. Acupuncture is very efficient in relieving pain, stress, and in giving you more energy. Don’t allow your anxieties to make you unable to get pain relief.

Tip Number 2- Get Ready To Have Elevated Energy

A good acupuncture session can provide exceptional, elevated levels of energy. Many clients said that for weeks after their treatment, they still feel a boost in their energy level. Although people typically relax immediately after treatment, an energy boost naturally follows.

Tip Number 3- Scheduling

When scheduling, be selective about the time of your treatment. Do not schedule your treatment immediately before or after strenuous activity. Don’t have your session scheduled between two things because you may be more stressed out. You’ll find it very hard to relax with a busy schedule in your session.

Tip Number 4 – Realize it Will Not Hurt

Are you afraid of acupuncture therapy because of potential pain? If so, realize that acupuncture is virtually pain-free. As opposed to the needles used to administer vaccinations, acupuncture needles tend to be thinner and do not contain fluid. Therefore, when inserted into your body, you will not feel them much at all.

Tip Number 5- How To Pick An Acupuncturist

You should choose an acupuncturist licensed by your state’s Health Department and go online and review their license history. Most acupuncturists hold a master’s degree, and others have a master’s degree and a doctorate for additional training. For instance, Fountain Valleys’ acupuncturist, Dr. Stefanie Bennett, holds a master’s degree in Oriental medicine and herbology from South Baylo University, CA, and a Ph.D. in acupuncture from American Liberty University CA. In addition, she has a diplomat in Chinese herbology and acupuncture from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Furthermore, she has advanced training and certification in applied clinical nutrition.

Tip Number 6- Bring Records With You

If you need to take medications that you have had prescribed to you, make sure that you list them out on paper to give to your acupuncturist. This will help to form the treatment plan that is right for you. Plus, bring in any medical, labs, and diagnostic reports.

Tip Number 7- Expect A Great Experience!

Don’t bring your electronic gadgets into your sessions with you. This will cause disturbances and stress, which you do not need. For example, a beeper or ringing phone will cause you to tense up and create some discomfort during your session. Eliminate this potential distraction, and your appointment will be more productive.

People often say they are relaxed and blissful following an acupuncture appointment. Avoid noisy distractions such as entertainment like television to extend that good feeling. Acupuncture makes you feel good because it clears your mind. Watching TV clogs it up again.

It would be best to think about what is involved in acupuncture. By seeking out information, you can make the best decisions regarding the treatments to help you stay in good health. Do not forget the information in this article, and acupuncture can be a part of your healthy lifestyle. So get an acupuncture treatment and remember our tips for seeing an acupuncturist.

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