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Your Brain May be on Fire

Foggy Brain? Spaced out? The Explanation Maybe Here:

Do you often feel “spaced out,” spacey, detached, like your head is in a fishbowl? Are you depressed? Does your child have autism? Do you worry about Alzheimer’s? These symptoms and conditions may be signs of brain inflammation or a brain “on fire.”

We need to wake up, and the answer is not more coffee.

Severe brain inflammation is associated with head injuries or infections. Still, many people have chronic, milder brain inflammation linked to symptoms such as brain fog, depression, autism, and Alzheimer’s.

Brain Fog and Inflammation

The brain tissue feels no pain and sends no signals when inflamed. Instead, people often feel spaced out and disconnected—this is brain fog. In addition, brain inflammation slows down the conduction time between neurons, thereby slowing brain function, resulting in slowness and dullness of thinking, according to Dr. Kalish of the Kalish Institute and Dr. Bennett. They practice a safe way to treat certain types of depression and anxiety by consuming amino acids and advanced functional medicine protocols. Treatment may include using a single amino acid such as tyrosine or 5-HTP can help common conditions associated with neurotransmitter issues and how to know what amino acid protocols are safe and effective.

Brain Inflammation and Depression

Depression is linked with brain inflammation. This link is due to cytokines, immune proteins created by inflammation that can impair brain function, and the brain chemical serotonin (the hormone that makes us feel good), frequently linked with depression.

In fact, up to a third of patients with hepatitis C are given interferon, which increases cytokine activity and develops depression, mania, and hypomania.

Quench Brain Inflammation for Better Brain Health

What can you do to protect your brain function against inflammation?

Please remember proper diet, special lab testing, and functional medicine treatments are offered at Bennett Acupuncture in a winning combination. Also, watch for an upcoming blog about poor adrenal function and the brain.

Ask my office for more information on how to manage the brain.

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