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Healthy and Easy to Make Smoothie

A Healthy and easy-to-make smoothie is a great meal substitute or for a snack. You cannot beat the benefits of a high-quality smoothie for nutrition and weight loss. This is not a fictitious healthy smoothie you find at a strip center store chain. This is the real deal, just watch the video. Always thinking about you, Dr. Bennett

Make the night before.
Take it on the go to work! Very convenient.
A healthy alternative to high-calorie meals

Smoothie Recipe:

Blend Cup of fresh sprouted almonds in a cup of water

Add Frozen Organic Spanish – (Trader Joe’s has a good one), strawberries and bananas

One teaspoon Flaxseed oil (for healthy fats)

Two scoops SP Complete Standard Process (non-GMO, plant-based) For athletes needing extra protein or if you are really hungry add two scoops of Standard Process Whey Pro Protein.

Note: I have researched many protein products and by far I am very impressed by the quality and processing of the Standard Process. This product is provided by health care professionals only. Get yours here!

Stevia 2 little drops


A yummy, working weight loss hint: Have a smoothie just before a meal, you will eat less and get more nutrients, especially before a high-calorie meal.

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