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Bennett Acupuncture & Functional Medicine pioneers cutting edge, innovative medical solutions to treat pain.

Get Back to Doing the Things You Enjoy Pain Free

Dr. Stefanie Bennett takes a leading-edge approach to acupuncture and integrative medicine, offering hope and relief to those struggling with chronic health conditions.

Bennett Acupuncture and Functional Medicine border the cities of Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley.


Dr. Bennett takes a leading-edge approach to safe and effective Acupuncture and integrative medicine procedures to achieve long-term relief.


Acupuncture is truly remarkable for any type of pain. In fact, MDs regularly refer their patients to Dr. Bennett because of her clinical experience, specific procedures, and the results. There are hundreds of conditions, disorders, and diseases that Acupuncture can effectively treat. To find out if your condition can benefit from treatment with Dr. Bennett, please book a consult time.


ATP Resonance BioTherapy™ is a technique for treating pain using a low-level electrical current to relieve the pain. These Frequencies directly affect our bodies and can almost instantaneously change tissues. For example, frequencies are clinically shown to reduce inflammation, pain, and others improve circulation. Better yet, we use hundreds of frequencies to reduce inflammation and pain to match your needs.


Functional Medicine

Based around the four basic body systems – Hormonal, Digestive, Immune and Detoxification – Functional Medicine offers a comprehensive plan to improve all four of these systems simultaneously using a nutrition plan, exercise, laboratory analysis, and supplements.


Our immune boosting program promotes a stronger immune system and improves your chances of staying well. The program combines acupuncture, ATP Resonance BioTherapy™, professional-grade supplements, Chinese and Herbal Medicine.


The First Visit

On the initial visit, Dr. Bennett will evaluate your condition and tailor a treatment plan with the approximate number of sessions that are right for you. The number of treatments will be determined once we know your case. 

Treatment Course

Each patient’s treatment is unique for them. Acupuncture treatments start at typically 2 to 3 times per week until maximum improvement is made. Then to prevent a recurrence, we may recommend maintenance care, commonly less than 1 to 2 times per month.

Absences of Symptoms

Acupuncture often reduces symptoms or the entire absence of symptoms. In complex chronic conditions that have been around for years, patients can even lack symptoms in some incidences.

success stories

Dr. Bennett brings a unique combination of education, expertise and intuition to her practice. Her passion for helping other is obvious and she has helped over and over again in my quest for better health.

– Sharon R.

MEET Dr. Stefanie Bennett

Dr. Stefanie Bennett has been in practice for over 20 years. She worked alongside internal medicine doctors within a medical group for ten years treating complex chronic conditions, and she understands your medical doctor’s care.

Dr. Bennett holds a master’s degree in Oriental medicine and herbology and a Ph.D. in acupuncture. Plus two diplomats in Chinese herbology and acupuncture. She has undergone advanced training and certification in applied clinical nutrition and functional medicine. At Bennett Acupuncture and Functional Medicine, Dr. Bennett and her staff are committed to serving you, the people of Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, and Orange County.


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