Pregnant Fast -8 Weird Ways Every Woman Needs To Know

When it comes to getting pregnant, we all know that timing is everything.

After all, in an ideal world, we’d be able to schedule pregnancies perfectly to make sure they line up with all of the other craziness in our lives. This way, the little one isn’t sharing our attention with mortgage payments or a surprise downsizing.

Of course, babies aren’t really interested in coming along when it’s convenient for mom and dad, as we saw with the little angel who decided to make an appearance while her parents were buying a car.

Naturally, that doesn’t stop people: when you’re ready for a baby, not much is going to keep you from trying to put a bun in the oven!

This is particularly true of couples who are taking a bit longer to conceive.

They may not be quite ready to go for IVF or surrogacy, but they’re willing to try just about any other weird tip or trick on offer. Even more surprising, some of these wacky sounding tricks actually work!

Scroll through to learn which pregnancy superstitions are the most likely to get you knocked up fast!

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#1: Nutella


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Nutella, the delicious Italian hazelnut-chocolate spread, is a common craving for women who are already expecting, but it might be a good part of your pre-pregnancy rituals too!

One mom told that after being informed she probably wouldn’t conceive, she went on a Nutella-heavy Italian vacation with the hubs, and discovered she was pregnant when she got home!

This might be just as much about the low-stress levels on vacation, but experts have demonstrated that plant protein (like the kind in Nutella and peanut butter) is much better for your fertility than animal protein.

Note From Dr. Bennett.  Both getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnant diet is critical. You are what you eat and so is your baby!  Diet during pregnancy affects your health and newborn for sure.  The next nine months can impact your baby’s health and yours!  As acupuncturist with emphasis on pregnancy and fertility, I use my knowledge as a clinical applied nutritionist to get you on the right track with your new family.  Let’s sit down and talk.

#2: Acupuncture


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Acupuncture is a therapy where tiny needles are inserted into pressure points in the body to alleviate pain, boost mood, and offer tons of other benefits.

Some moms swear up and down that it also helps with getting pregnant, especially if you suspect your cycle is funky.

One mom told fitPregnancy that she struggled to start ovulating again after going off the pill, but that acupuncture helped to jump start her cycle and conceive.

Stefanie Bennett, LAc, Ph.D. of If you are just getting pregnant, I am here to help. Because acupuncture is a form of therapy it is better to do more than less; just like with physical therapy. Because acupuncture creates a better flow of energy within your body, it helps your body to run better and there it is too early to start treatment. Many men and women, who do not get pregnant, do acupuncture to help their bodies become healthy and run more efficiently. Many women start treatment three to four months before insemination or IVF. I have found after many years and many babies, treatments are because of a combination of traditional medicine, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.  My Personal journey as a mother holds true to acupuncture as well.

Stop treatment, once you have conceived is not ideal. You can continue to receive acupuncture throughout your pregnancy and even after the baby is born. If you plan to discontinue talk to your acupuncturist first. You may even consider having more frequent visits in the beginning if you have experienced miscarriages in the past.

It is important to note that there are some acupoints that should not be stimulated after becoming pregnant and you should go to licensed acupuncturist.

#3: Socks In Bed


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Socks might not be the sexiest bedroom attire, but they’ll do a lot more for your pregnancy prospects than a lacy thong or balconette bra ever could.

It might sound crazy, but if the hopeful mom and dad both wear socks during their intimate moments, they have a better chance of getting pregnant.

That’s because warm feet improve circulation in your whole body, which means healthier sperm, and a cozier womb for fertile eggs in which to hunker down.

#4: Whole Milk


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Scientists can’t seem to decide whether whole milk or skim milk is healthier but for the purposes of pregnancy, you may want to skip the skim.

You shouldn’t be guzzling whole milk nonstop, but there’s evidence that the full-fat version can help encourage your ovaries to produce eggs.

That’s because the process of removing the fat from milk also skims out the natural estrogen in it, but leaves behind androgens and other hormones that might mess with your own female body chemistry.

#5: Cough Syrup


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This might sound crazy, but some women swear by cough syrup as a pregnancy miracle drug, and they aren’t too far off.

Cough syrup works in your throat and sinuses to thin out mucus and produce more of it, which makes it easier to breathe.

Surprisingly, cough syrup works in exactly the same way on your cervical mucus, thinning it out and making more of it, which helps sperm get past the cervix to make a beeline for the egg.

Note from Dr. Bennett.  I would suggest seeing your medical doctor before trying syrup.

#6: Pineapple


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Pineapple comes up quite a bit in conversations about sex because it’s rumored to prevent “downstairs” odors for both men and women.

More importantly, it contains an enzyme called bromelain that gives it the distinctive, acidic flavor. Surprisingly, it’s also said to boost your chances of getting pregnant.

Eating pineapple while you’re ovulating (but not before) helps to thicken the uterine lining, making it a more hospitable place for a fertilized egg to start growing.

#7: Gravity


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Any woman who has ever mentioned fertility woes to her mother has probably been advised to put a pillow under her rear end after sex to encourage the sperm toward their goal.

Well, some avid yoga practitioners may also want to incorporate a shoulder stand or “plow pose” to tap into the magic of gravity!

However, if you aren’t comfortable with yoga and have never done a shoulder stand before, stick with the pillows. Doing this pose without practice can potentially lead to serious injury, and will definitely lead to your partner laughing at you.

#8: “Mud” Milkshakes


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Some moms who struggled to conceive credit a mysterious mix called “mud” with helping them put a bun in the oven.

Don’t worry, they aren’t really suggesting you eat dirt!

It’s actually a concoction made of cocoa powder, coffee, and maple syrup that’s supposed to balance your hormones and make your body more welcoming for a baby!

What’s the wackiest pregnancy tip you’ve ever heard or tried! that really worked?

Let us know below, and SHARE this list with moms who’ve tried every trick in the book before becoming pregnant!

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