Fertility Treatments

Looking for an acupuncturist for fertility treatments?


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This is one area for us of expertise at Bennett Acupuncture.


Dr. Bennett has treated many patients successfully with fertility issues.


Dr. Stefanie writes about fertility

Acupuncture fertility treatments are becoming very popular. Acupuncture has received great acclaim from both reproductive doctors and patients. Please remember, when the reason for infertility is illusive, clients have turned to acupuncture with successful results.

Acupuncture fertility treatments work by stabilizing Qi….

The proper flow of Qi and blood are essential for a successful pregnancy. To maintain this healthy state, it is important to maintain balanced hormones and adrenals, as well as a balanced diet in order to avoid anxiety and depression deficiencies. The lower back, hips and pelvis should also be aligned for optimal results.

Acupuncture fertility treatments improve……Fertility helped by Dr. Bennett

The circulation in the legs and promote the relaxation of the muscles around the hips. Optimizing these two areas is known to not only increase the chance of conception, but also to increase chances of taking the pregnancy full-term.

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