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Welcome To Bennett Acupuncture

Where Our Focus Is On Your Good Health

Thank you for visiting Bennett Acupuncture. Dr. Stefanie Bennett and her entire staff are focused on helping every patient they treat enjoy optimum health. Our practice uses holistic solutions including Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy and Functional Medicine to determine and treat the root cause of your medical issues. We want to help you start feeling better today. Take advantage of our Free Consultation offer above and find out just how much you can enjoy life with new found health and wellness.


Where will your health be in five years? More Medications.

The question has plagued us all these days and can we really count on the future of our healthcare reform? Traditional western medicine is failing more and more patients than ever for one very simple reason. Everything most Doctors are doing for patients today is focused on symptoms and not the root or core issue regarding your illness or health promlems. Prescriptions are written by the millions that only treat the pain, soreness, headache or other symptoms and never cure the real reason you are sick.

At Bennett Acupuncture we use effective and affordable treatments including acupuncture, nutrition and functional medicine to provide permanent relief of pain and increased quality of life. Working with your traditional physician we will customize a plan that will bring life changing results. We like to call our solution the Bennett Method and we have already helped thousands of patients start to enjoy the quality of life all of us are meant to have. Click below to schedule a FREE consult with Dr. Bennett or click to view actual patients of the Bennett Method!

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